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Refund Policy

Our refund policy ensures to refund your money if you did not get your product. If you are unable to download the plugin file after successful payment and redirection, please drop an email to the email address mentioned in your receipt or wait for a few hours; my team reviews the orders and send the relevant plugin as attachment immediately. Your order can be delayed maximum for 12 hours; i appreciate your patience.

You are facing the download issue because when you completed the payment so you didn’t come back to this website with the same session. As you were not logged in as well so this problem is due to a convenience provided to you that you don’t need to login/register to my website for order and you can simply checkout as a guest. Even as a guest you could get the download link if you successfully could come back to this website after payment.

Conditions for the refund requests:
If you didn't get the features in plugin/widgets/themes you purchased from this website as are described on product page(s), only then you are eligible to get order refund. But demand of more features in the same order cost will not be entertained, you can suggest missing features before purchase so i will add them in next build and you can order it later. So kindly read the features and description carefully, you can see the screenshots as well and ask me to provide demo link before order.

Thank you for your cooperation.

36 comments on “Refund Policy-PHPrudent Buyings
  1. Valerio Cassimatis says:

    Can you please tell me how ot access the file of the plugin I bought?

    I pressed download and it said invalid email. I cannot find a way back to a download link.

    • wpmechanic says:

      Hi Valerio,

      Sorry for the inconvenience. Whenever you have such problem, simply forward the order receipt email and ask for the downloadable item as an attachment in it. Sometimes payment gateways unable to redirect back to shopping carts properly so such problem arise. I will surely look into it soon.

      Android Bubbles

  2. Richard Osborne says:

    The link said my email address was not valid. Can you send me the plugin to the above email address.
    Thank you

    • wpmechanic says:

      Email has been sent to your email address. I regularly check my inbox for this issue and without waiting for your email; send the plugin as attachment. Meanwhile i am also working on to fix this issue. Thanks for your patience.

      Android Bubbles

  3. Jeffrey says:

    I made a purchase but did not get the file. I too got invalid email address. Please assist.

  4. chris heo says:

    The link said my email address was not valid. Can you send me the plugin to the above email address.
    Thank you. Your order has been received.

    28 July, 2014

  5. chang says:

    i paid through paypal. says invalid email address. can you tell me how to download the product i bought?

  6. Chad Smith says:

    Same as above. Invalid E-mail address. Please send.


  7. Christian says:

    Site said download link not good. Please advise

  8. thony says:

    hello, if I buy the plugin is that I could use the license on multiple websites please?

  9. Hello!
    May I request for the demo link to try the plug in(WooCommerce Upload Files During Checkout) and to test its features.

    Thank you.

    • wpmechanic says:

      This plugin is related to WooCommerce > Orders area so it will require admin access to a website. Unfortunately i didn’t setup sandbox with such privileges.

  10. Andrius says:

    Me need WooCommerce Upload Files During Checkout.

    If you product, not work in me site, you will refund me?

    Waiting replay.

    • wpmechanic says:

      You can get refund if i won’t be able to get my plugin work on your website. I will do my best to make it work on your website. In fact, i provide the support when someone feel its difficult to configure a plugin on their website.

  11. Dennis says:

    Do you have an option to buy plugin via paypal id?
    As i do want to pay via paypal, can you please tel me on this?

    • wpmechanic says:

      Yes, i have both options in checkout process. You might will be thinking that it says credit cart only but when you proceed so you will find an option to pay via paypal id. Please proceed and let me know if you still face any problem.

  12. Dennis says:

    No I didn’t find an option to pay from paypl account, can you please help me on this……i need to today anyhow…

  13. Ugo says:

    I just got your plugin, seems like there are something missing from the free installer and the premium…I was thinking going premium will be more like an upgrade! The paginated numbers are not showing up, plus I tried upgrade to the latest version of the premium via wordpress but rather it tool me back to the free version…I would like to have paginated numbers showing up and would like to remove lines and also change the colors of the next/previous buttons


    • wpmechanic says:

      Don’t worry, you will notice that premium plugin is having one extra file in it. Whenever you have to upgrade the version, simply copy that extra file to your upgraded version. It will become your upgraded pro version. Anyways, i have sent you the upgraded copy of the plugin.

  14. Trevor says:

    I didn’t get the premium upgrade link that I purchased.

    • wpmechanic says:

      Don’t worry, simply send me your invoice number or forward the same email which you received after payment. I will send you the attachment against your order ID.

  15. Wes Petersen says:

    I purchased the premium WP Speed plugin and never got an email with invoice number, etc. How am I supposed to download the plugin without this email? Is this a scam?

    • wpmechanic says:

      Sometimes buyers purchase with a different email address, like someone ask their client or boss to buy a plugin and we always email to that address which as involved in purchase. Make sure that you are using the correct ID.

  16. alex says:

    hi, I want to know 1) if I can apply the discount to a single customer and a single product 2) the cost is forever or is an annual subscription? if it’s for ever does it include?

    • wpmechanic says:

      Yes, you may use the plugins on multiple websites and this purchase is forever until i keep the same price for the plugin. Although you can use the purchased plugins on multiple websites but still you can get support only by using your originally attached ID/Email/Invoice, i will not respond to any other ID which is not linked to the purchase.

  17. George Dellisanti says:


    I bought the same plug in twice without realizing i could use on multiple sites. Is there any way i could get a courtesy refund?

  18. still havent got your plug in! Can you please email me!

    • wpmechanic says:

      Attachment through Gmail don’t work. I have sent you the guidelines that how can you login with your invoice ID and can download the pro copy of this plugin. It’s important because with this purchase, you got the lifetime license and in future you can download the updated versions without paying any difference. In case you need attachment directly, please request through Skype and i will send it to you.

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