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Initially this plug-in was developed to make it possible that a user can submit his stuff without being registered to your website and if he will place an order those files should be linked to the placed order. It was a challenge obviously but once it has been done so there were new doors opening for its usage. A number of clients have been used this plug-in for their business. A few usages are described below and i would be happier to add yours.

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  • Multiple files can be uploaded
  • You can ask for exact dimensions for image files

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A plug-in which can help you to get samples from your clients and you can deliver the order exactly how your clients required?

Dutch shop owner?

This plugin is also working good with ideal and mister cash.



  • Are you a designer and your clients order some samples for you?
  • Are you an architect? Then it will surely help you.
  • Are you a doctor and your patients buy your hours online? They can submit their previous reports and other stuff for you.
  • Are you an interior designer and want to save your first visit just to take photos of existing interior conditions? This plug-in would help you to get an idea before visiting the place.
  • Are you a software engineer and your clients order the software requirements with ERDs and other stuff? This plug-in will bring some ease to your live.

“Value your time by placing your requirements with your order. Isn’t it good?”

This plugin allow buyers to attach reference work, requirement documents and other important helping material for seller to finish the product before delivery. Sometimes buyers want to suggest some wrapping material, color scheme, portrait to print on t-shirt etc. This plugin will help in this regard.

New Features:

  • Caption line can be updated
  • You can choose the page where to display browse button
  • It is also working good with ideal and mister cash
  • Exceptional support